3 Parties, 3 Bands and 1 Battle

Three social dance parties with live music, three parties of pure, engaging and exciting Swing!

3rd,FRIDAY MAY - Open at 9:30 pm


We would like to welcome you to our Festival with the “Jessie’s Way” swing band
Following DJ SET

Jessies's Way Swing Band

The great passion for Swing music of the early and mid-20th century’s America is the spark which drove Gessica ‘Jessie’ Zonta to cooperate with various musicians and bands over the last years. A passion that has also led her to dance Lindy Hop, the ultimate swing dance, emphasizing her desire to do it her way.

The Jessie's Way Swing Band, thanks to the collaboration with musicians of high prestige and experience in the jazz and swing scene, is her personal way to bring you back to that sparkling, exciting and whirling period.

  • Gessica Jessie Zonta: voice
  • Beppe Calamosca: Piano and Trombone
  • Renzo De Rossi: Piano and Sax
  • Beppe Pilotto: Double Bass
  • Franco Dal Monego: Drums
  • Beppe Calamosca - Piano e Trombone

Trixie B.

For Trixie B. music has always been a great and continuously exciting, fueling virtually everything she does. Her music collection ranges from Big Band classics, New Orleans Jazz, to Blues and RnB. She is also a Blues and Lindy Hop teacher and dancer, so when DJing she always pays attention to dancers and their needs, so dance floor always stays warm.

She is one of the official DJs of the Swing Dance Society, and amongst the events she DJed at are Just Swing It! (Bologna), Florence Swing Festival (Florence), Crazy Blues Festival (Montecatini), Swing Upon a Time (Salsomaggiore Terme), The Blues Experiment (North Carolina, USA), Blues River Notes Festival (Milan).

4th, SATURADY MAY - OPEN at 9:30 PM


Get ready to rumble with the sound of Jude Lindy & The Hot Swing Propellers!
The legendary Lindysciplinato Dj will open this party and will also follow the band’s performance!

The Battle

And to make our Saturday social party as "hot" as it gets, the traditional, long-awaited Battle between the Lindy Hop dance groups: a "peaceful" battle full of smiles and swing, a unique opportunity to socialize and bring together Lindy Hoppers, both near and from far- far away, for the sole purpose of having fun!

No ranking and no winners: in social dance the dance floor is a place to share, together. And like any respectable Battle, the different Lindy Hop groups and schools are invited to create their own swing-style choreographies, with music of their choice (yes, modern music tracks are allowed!). In the Battel’s previous editions, we’ve literally seen everything, you name it: sympathy, skillfulness, oddness and enthusiasm that made those evenings so special.

The Battle is open to all Lindy Hop groups and schools that will apply for participation. It will take place during the Festival’s party!

For info regarding the Battle and the Battle’s Rules: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Hot Swing Propellers

Irish singer and showman Jude Lindy formed the Hot Swing Propellers in Italy in 2016.  The band’s members come from Ireland and all over Italy. The Hot Swing Propellers play jazz from the 1920s and 1930s with a relentless groove and pulse, filling listeners and Swing dancers with pure emotion and delight. In addition to a strong base of jazz standards, the Propellers  are dedicated to the search  for much lesser-known songs from the early Jazz era, which they add to their repertoire with their own dynamic, innovative and refreshing arrangements.

The Hot Swing Propellers’ first album “Shine!” will be released in December 2018.
Shine! reflects the band’s passion to bring little-known musical gems from the early decades of Jazz to audiences and dancers, often for the first  time….

Ready for the journey together? Engines On! Propellers Turning

  • Jude Lindy: Singer
  • Simone Dionigi Pala: Sax
  • Maurizio Leoni: Sax
  • Marco Cortese: Guitar
  • Luca Garlaschelli: Double-bass
  • Alessio Pacifico: Drummer


aka Fabrizio Sartini: #Aperturamusicaletotale (#Totalmusicalopenness) is his motto!

Forget about stereotypes or normality, this guy plays no mp3s nor other digital files.

An old-fashioned DJ, always followed by his turntables and wide selection of vinyl records.

A record collection from all over the world, carefully chosen for Lindy Hoppers, Balboa and Shag dancers, playing 33 through 45 rpm vinyl records, up to 78 rpm bakelite records.

Many of the played pieces have never been digitized, others are particularly unusual arrangements of well- known songs.

Traditional swing masterpieces will accompany newer works, rigorously issued on analogue formats.


5th, SUNDAY MAy - Open At 9.30 PM


Our enjoyful bye bye party will start with “The Hot Teapots” live band and will finish with a spectacular DJ SET

The Hot Teapots

Born as a street band, The Hot Teapots is a musical collective of wind instruments and string instruments dedicated to performing dance music from the early 1900s.

Our influences range from traditional New Orleans Jazz to prewar country-blues; from Ragtime to Jug Bands, from Western Swing to Caribbean, South American and African music.

We love playing in theaters, pubs, weddings, festivals, for dancers and of course, on the street.

  • Michele Darrel Bertoldi: 6 string banjo e voce
  • Davide Vincenzi: Clarinet and Sax
  • Glauco Benedetti: Trombone
  • Martino De Franceschi: Double Bass

Bassano Swing Out ASD

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica

Largo Perlasca, 5
36061, Bassano del Grappa
C.F. e P.IVA 04179600244

Evento riservato ai soci iscritti ACSI.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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