4 levels, 8 teachers, one swing

Workshops' program

There will be 4 workshop levels: Beginners, Improvers, Intermediates, Advanced. Information about how to choose the level that fits you best will be published later on. Each participant will enjoy 2 hours of a group lesson with each of the 4 couples of teachers, for a total of 8h. Each class will have a maximum number of participants, meant to guarantee a perfect teachers- participants balance.

Please take a look at the lessons’ timetable below (check-in at 12:00):

  • SATURDAY, May 4th: 13:00-15:00 - 15: 45-17: 45pm
  • SUNDAY, May 5th: 13:00-15:00 - 15: 45-17: 45pm
13:00-15:00 Gas & Alba Leo & Roser Davide & Valentina Stefano & Nella
15:45-17:45 Stefano & Nella Gas & Alba Leo & Roser Davide & Valentina


13:00-15:00 Davide & Valentina Stefano & Nella Gas & Alba Leo & Roser
15:45-17:45 Leo & Roser Davide & Valentina Stefano & Nella Gas & Alba

The locations of the classes will be communicated at a later time.

Organizational Notes:

  • Punctuality is recommended
  • During the lessons free water, fruit and mini snacks will be served to all participants
  • In the hall you should wear clean replacement shoes, even gymnastics with rubber soles
  • The parking in the hall is allowed only to those taking part in the lesson
  • Video and / or photographic shooting during classes must be previously agreed with the organizers
  • Entry reserved for ACSI members: do not forget the cards!
Plans & prices

How to buy?

As for the lessons, only full passes will be available. As we wish to guarantee well- balanced classes, priority will be given to couple (Leader & Follower) registration. Applications for single dancer registration will be temporarily put on hold in a waiting list.

You can choose between and purchase: only Workshop, only Party (or Parties), FULL PASS Workshop + Parties (recommended, given the clear economic advantage).

Rates are available at this link.

Early Bird registration will be officially opened on Thursday 1st November at 12:00 am (noon): starting from that moment, you will find the link to the registration form on the Bassano Swing Out Facebook page. Save the registration opening time and date, special rates only valid in November (due to availability).

How to choose your right level

About my level

No auditions are scheduled for this edition of the Bassano Swing Festival. We therefore ask you to be self-critical and to choose the level that best identifies you, following the guide below (*). The definitions of the levels change from festival to festival and depend on many factors, so if you have any doubts, ask the teacher of your school that best knows you and that will guide you to the most appropriate choice.

(*) To write this guide we have used similar tools published on other events


You have been dancing lindy hop for 3 up to 8 months and this is one of your first times at a workshop of this kind, if not the first one ever. You master the Basic 8-
count and 6-count passes and you started feeling comfortable with the first variations you have been taught. During the classes of the workshop all these concepts will be repeated and developed, and new elements will be presented to you to enhance your personal knowledge. Be assured that you won't be afraid of any dance floor anymore.


You have been dancing for at least one year, and you attend courses regularly and/or you did some weekend workshops. You’ve learned basic concepts of leading and following and you worked on technique, connection, musicality and improvisation. Your Swingout is still not perfect but your repertoire of the moves is growing. You’ve learned elements like: Lindy Circle, Promenade, Tuck Turn, Basic 8-count and 6-count passes, and you can easily communicate basic steps: grooves/triple steps, to your partner. Medium tempos are your favorites, but you are still struggling with faster or very slow tempos. You attend social dancing events at least once per week and you’re motivated to learn more and to become a better social dancer.


You have 1-2 years of lindy hop experience and you did many courses and local workshops, probably a few international festivals as well. You can easily mix basic steps and use different stretch techniques in a dance. Your connection is solid and you can adapt to many partners. You have big repertoire of movements and some dips and tricks. You are feeling comfortable with your swingout and have learned few variations, as well as some more advanced elements like: Texas Tommy, Sugar Push, Sailor Step, fundamental Charleston moves and Tandem variations. You’re not afraid of very slow and very fast tempo. You are interested in learning more complicated rhythmic variations. You do understand importance of Solo Jazz dancing and you’ve already learned different aspects of musicality.


You already have 3-4 years of swing dancing experience and you’re taking part in many festivals in your country and around the world. You have greater understanding of rhythm, syncopations and strong connection with the music. You’ve also know many Solo Jazz elements and can easily put them into the couple dance. Extreme tempos are not a problem for you and you are able to dance freely with every partner, to any music. You have solid floorcraft skills (space awareness and use of a floor) and understanding of what means “partnership” in a dance. You do a lot of social dancing. You’ve probably learned some other dances as well, like blues, balboa, shag.

Bassano Swing Out ASD

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica

Largo Perlasca, 5
36061, Bassano del Grappa
C.F. e P.IVA 04179600244

Evento riservato ai soci iscritti ACSI.

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