3 nights with prestigious bands

Three social dance live music nights of pure, exciting Swing that will sweep us all away!

DAY 0 - thursday may 7th - doors open at 20:00

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Palarosa - Rosà (VI)


In the 1930s in Harlem, N.Y., the best artists gathered at the Hoofer's Club to do their battles playing jazz or tap dancing; not only Big Bands existed, the great musicians also had small formations to play in small clubs, and we talk about Slim & Slam, The Cats and the Fiddle, Stuff Smith and others.
The Hoofers Club is a fantastic combo of 5 musicians suddenly plunged into our age that plays only for the best dancers and is able to make you burn your shoes with the sounds, the grit and the songs of the 2 * prohibition period!

Mr. Rhythm The Swing Selecta

He began selecting music in 2014, quite by accident, following this path without ever wanting to stop, thanks to his curiosity and passion.

He started working closely with the Dusty Jazz Association in Turin, on behalf of which he is in charge of the music selection for dance events and the Gran Soirée, such as Swing It Dusty, since 2016. 

As a DJ, he took part in international festivals such as Policoro in Swing 2016-2019, Swing Train Festival 2017-2019, TSF 2017, Florence Swing Camp 2018-2019 and the Swing Breeze Festival in Blevio. 

He collaborated for two seasons (2015/2016) in Turin with The Sweet Life Society in the Swing Circus // The First Italian Electro-Swing Party and in 2015-2016 he produced Dusty Jazz Radio Podcast. 

From 2019 he is resident DJ at the monthly Vinyl Day event in Turin in which he plays swing music exclusively on vinyls.



Palarosa - Rosà (VI)

THE Battle

To make our Saturday social party as "hot" as it gets, the traditional, long-awaited Battle between the Lindy Hop dance groups: a "peaceful" battle full of smiles and swing, a unique opportunity to socialize and bring together Lindy Hoppers, both near and from far- far away, for the sole purpose of having fun!


No ranking and no winners: in social dance the dance floor is a place to share, together. And like any respectable Battle, the different Lindy Hop groups and schools are invited to create their own swing-style choreographies, with music of their choice (yes, modern music tracks are allowed!). In the Battel’s previous editions, we’ve literally seen everything, you name it: sympathy, skillfulness, oddness and enthusiasm that made those evenings so special.


The Battle is open to all Lindy Hop groups and schools that will apply for participation. It will take place during the Festival’s party!


For info regarding the Battle and the Battle’s Rules: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


BILLY BROS. Swing Orchestra....30th anniversary!

Swing and Jump-Swing of the golden period of the Big Band of color; rhythm, rhythm, rhythm: hard, thrilling and swingin '!!
The sound impact and repertoire of the Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra are a unique experience that will immediately get you straight into the Savoy Ballroom, during the "Swing Craze".
The Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra is an elegant, flamboyant and crazy orchestra of 9 Hepcats and a Lady, led by an anachronistic visionary and immersed in the Swing up to the neck; during the last 30 years it has been playing in the best clubs and festivals in Europe!
The band focuses more on the repertoire of the Count Basie Orchestra and all the orchestras of the Savoy Ballroom, continuing to season everything with the choreographies of Chester Whitmore (USA), sprinkled with costume and retro culture, jokes, acrobatic numbers, hard- boiled stories, quotations from the vaudeville, and a great display of period dresses.
The Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra has been the one and only official band of the Queen of Swing "Norma Miller.
It boasts 4 CDs, 6 compilations (Italy, England, Argentina, USA, Germany, France) and participations in radio and TV broadcasts from Vladivostok to Chicago. 
In 2017 it published the Cd "A Swingin'Love Fest" with Norma Miller and in a short time it will be edited "Swingin 'at the Track", with brand new songs from the Queen of Swing. 


Fabrizio Sartini aka Lindysciplinato Dj.

Collects records from all over the world, carefully chosen for Lindy Hoppers, Balboers and Shagsters.

The true essence of Swing, dense, deep and rich in nuances.

That bygone though ageless sound, bound to and contrasted by more recent and fresher pieces, carefully chosen and tailor made for you, using exclusively analogue formats.

A noted experience gained over the years, by continuous research and listening.

An opportunity for younger dancers, an assurance for the more experienced ones.

A journey through the swing era, which will magically transport you back in time to a post-war Ballroom.



A farewell night of live music with The Hot Teapots Band!
A DJ SET will follow


Born as a street band, The Hot Teapots is a musical collective of wind instruments and string
instruments dedicated to performing dance music from the early 1900s.
Our influences range from traditional New Orleans Jazz to prewar country-blues; from Ragtime to
Jug Bands, from Western Swing to Caribbean, South American and African music.
We love playing in theaters, pubs, weddings, festivals, for dancers and of course, on the street.
Michele Bertoldi - guitar/banjo/voce
Davide Vincenzi - clarinet /sax
Federico Zaltron - violin
Glauco Benedetti -  trombone
Martino De Franceschi - double bass
Nelide Bandello - washboard

Bassano Swing Out ASD

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica

Largo Perlasca, 5
36061, Bassano del Grappa
C.F. e P.IVA 04179600244

Evento riservato ai soci iscritti ACSI.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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